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Celebrating Women at Grand Savings Bank

by GSB Team

March is National Women’s History Month and here at GSB we are celebrating our own history-making leaders. One-hundred thirty-two women are on the GSB team; an incredible 76% of our staff! These women are an integral part of our day-to-day operations, our long-term success, and the communities GSB serves.

Empowered women, well, they empower women! We asked some of our leaders how they lift up the women around them.

Meredith Renfroe, Loan Operations Supervisor, takes her strength and pays it forward.

“My mom always taught me to be strong, independent, and work hard so that you don’t have to rely on others to survive in this world. If I can empower someone else to feel the same way and take pride in themselves and the job they do, then I feel like I’ve accomplished my job. We are all here to build one another up and make this world (and GSB) better.”

Kelsey Rhine, Human Resources Officer, credits the women of GSB with her professional and personal growth.

“The greatest thing about being a woman and working at GSB is the woman mentors that I get to work with every day. I have grown as an employee as well as personally all thanks to the amazing ladies that I work alongside.”

And Chief Regulatory Officer, Pam Lawson, supports women by collaborating, listening, and engaging.

“There is nothing more empowering than hearing the words ‘I need your expertise’ and knowing that your opinion matters. When working with my teammates, it is very important for me to give them an opportunity to share their expertise and let them shine. We should be working every day to train our replacement, otherwise there is no room for growth within ourselves. We have to build each other up and keep building so when we do fail our foundation and network is strong enough to support us.”

At GSB, we care about the strength of our communities. We know that supporting women is a key part of building this strength. We hope you will join GSB in empowering women both for this month and every day.

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Celebrating Women at Grand Savings Bank

Celebrating Women at Grand Savings Bank

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