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The 5 Christmas Movies You Have to Watch on Break

by Madelyn McConnell

Ah, the time is finally here. Christmas Break. We are ready to put on our most warm and comfortable clothes and enjoy a few days off of work. But, often times, when we get the break we spend all year desperately wishing for, we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

To help you out, here are 5 Christmas movies you HAVE to watch during your break.

Home Alone

Home Alone is a Christmas classic. Kevin McCallister, the youngest child of a big family, is tired of the way his family treats him. He makes a wish his family would disappear, and much to his horror and delight, his family accidentally forgets him on their way to Paris for a Christmas trip. Kevin assumes his wish has come true, and he is over the moon until he realizes two men are planning to rob the family house. He sets out to protect his family home and outwit the conmen in the wittiest, eight-year old way possible.

If you like a good classic, feel-good comedy, this one is or you.

Christmas with the Kranks

Feeling Bah Humbug this year? So are the Kranks. Their adult daughter, Blair, announces she won’t be home for Christmas, and the Kranks decide to do something a little different this year. Instead of spending heaps of money on Christmas gifts, decorations, and food, they are going to spend it on a 10-day Caribbean Cruise. What could go wrong? Unfortunately, their Christmas-boycott turns out to be a lot harder than they thought.

If you ever feel run-down by Christmas and need something light-hearted this year, this one is for you.

The Christmas Chronicles

Want to watch something new? Netflix brought out the Christmas Chronicles this year (2018), and it’s about two siblings who recently lost their father.  Kate and Teddy Pierce are struggling with the loss of their father and how to approach Christmas now that he is gone. Teddy is getting into trouble, and Kate is filling her time byrecording videos. On the night of Christmas Eve, they start a ploy to “catch”Santa in the act. Much to their surprise, they catch Santa on Kate’s camera andgo after him. They make a mistake that may ruin Christmas for kids around theworld, and they work with Santa to save Christmas.

If you are looking for a new Christmas movie, want something more up-to-date, and you love Kurt Russell, this movie is for you.

The Polar Express

Don’t let the fact that this is a cartoon deter you from watching it. Tom Hanks does a fantastic job in this movie, and it’s a lot deeper than you think it will be. A skeptical young boy boards a magical, majestic train that’s heading towards the North Pole. As he experiences the wonders of this magical train, he begins to wonder if he should believe in Santa Claus, and Christmas, once again. It’s a beautiful tale of self-discovery and believing.

If you like deep and meaningful movies and fantastic film-scores, this movie is for you.

The Grinch (2018)

And lastly, you should see the new and updated production of The Grinch. This movie is in theatres, and it takes the classic Grinch to a whole-new, dimensional level. Not only are the graphics said to be incredible, but the film also features Pharrell Williams, Tyler the Creator, and other artists.

If you love The Grinch and want to see an updated version of a classic, this one is for you.

That’s the list! Hopefully, you find time to relax on your Christmas break. Merry Christmas!

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